She’s Baaaaaack! So Much Going On!

New Contract, and Preparing for GDC

Well, honestly, I never left. I just let my website lapse. For three years. Now, I’ve become an independent contractor, so I need this site to show everyone what I’m up to and what I can do.

I was unemployed for a few months, and that allowed me to reflect on what kinds of things I want to do in the future. I realized that while I held my most recent job, I completely lost sight of the things that I myself want to put into the world. I was throwing so much of my energy into someone else’s dream that I completely neglected my own. That will not be happening again.

I am now on a cool full time writing contract for Disruptor Beam, and preparing for GDC! My GDC talks for 2019:

If you are interested in an appointment at GDC, check out my Public Google Calendar for GDC 2019 and do an invite or shoot me an email. I started with the whole scheduling thing super late, but, now that I’m on it, I expect things to fill up.