Available for Remote Hire During Quarantine

Nobody thought 2020 would go like this, but here we are. Since late February, I’m holed up safely in rural North Carolina with my Significant Other, who really is the world’s best quarantine buddy, but I am really missing my family. We are basically okay, but I am trying to stay busy, productive, and working as a freelance game writer! So far, so good! I hope anyone reading this is safe and well.

Inquiries I get from this site all ask one important question, so I thought I’d answer that right here: how do I work with clients? There are three ways that I have worked with various clients, which has been negotiable on a case by case basis.

  • Hourly Rate: Yes, I have a per hour rate range, but you have to contact me to discuss it so that I know whether your project entails a short contract or a long one, the size of your project and the deadlines involved, etc.
  • Hours Bank: You may choose to set aside an hours bank at the agreed-upon rate. That way, I only charge you for what you use, helps me plan my availability, and it keeps both you and I from going over the intended hours. You get an inventory each week of the hours I’m billing for out of that hours bank, and precisely how that time was spent.
  • Flat Rate: Some projects have a flat rate, and I’m happy to work that way as well.

It all depends on the specifics of your project and your company, so, please reach out at deathbow@deathbow.com. Let me know what you’re up to!