Living and Prospering!

After a busy summer working on an unannounced title for Disruptor Beam as a contract writer, and speaking at the Silbersalz Conference in Halle, Germany in June, I have more exciting news to share!

  •  The Critical Strengths Engine, a project which I originated with iThrive Games, took a Bronze Medal in the Tabletop category at the International Serious Play Awards in July! 
  •  I am now working on Star Trek Timelines as a part time contract writer, writing the game’s monthly events.
  • I was accepted as one of the speakers for the Sexy MicroTalks at GDC 2020
  • I have been working with Eko Media on some content that will appear shortly.
  • I have been working on chapters in three different upcoming books regarding different aspects of narrative design. 

Now being completely freelance, I remain available for consultation, narrative design, and other remote work for hire. All requests and referrals appreciated!